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About Me

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I am a product designer with more than ten years of experience who helps you create digital products based on market goals and user needs. I review the upstream documents and the results of your research; I help you optimize existing strategic documents and create new ones.

Then, my most important task is to design the UX and UI structure based on the market facts and user needs for your product. I am passionate about designing UCD products to solve human problems and make value for businesses.

I have designed and redesigned many products, UX and UI for small and big businesses.

Creating practical products and successful projects depends on soft and technical skills which, I am a professional player on them, such as:

- Ability to work in a team (team player)
- Mutual and deep understanding of the needs of team members
- Flexibility and liquidity
- Ideation
- Ability to think outside the box
- Communication with project stakeholders
- Familiarity with marketing and related research
- Ability to research and interview the user
- Feeling empathetic with the user and the ability to see things through his eyes
- Ability to convert abstract concepts into visual items
- Using UX guidelines
- Using UI guidelines
- Mastery of wireframing software
- Mastery of prototyping software
- Mastery of graphic software
- Ability to handle the project to the Front Developer

ui ux product design ehsan dorudian
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