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Skilled designer in crafting digital products aligned with business goals and user needs. Proficient in designing UX and UI  grounded in product research and user-centred design principles for various industries like e-commerce, insuretech, beauty, education etc.


Excellent at collaborating with teams, demonstrating flexibility, and generating innovative ideas. Skilled in effective communication with stakeholders and employing data-driven design approaches. Possessing the ability to conduct thorough user research and interviews to better empathize with their perspective. Adhering to UX and UI guidelines, wireframing, and prototyping to deliver high-value solutions that address human problems.

Skills and qualifications

  • Figma, Adobe suite, XD, Miro, Jira

  • User research (user interview, survey, usability test, A/B test)

  • Wireframing and fast prototyping

  • Data-driven designer

  • UI designer

  • Design system creator

  • Visual designer

  • Team player

  • Problem solver

  • Agile, AI and Data approaches   

More about me

American Native flute player

My role as a digital designer and native flute player is a fusion of art and technology, visual and auditory, and traditional and contemporary. These diverse aspects can lead to a unique and enriched creative journey.

Visual story teller

As a digital designer grounded in the world of digital photography, my creative journey seamlessly intertwines the realms of art and technology. Through the lens of my camera, I've honed a distinctive perspective that guides my design process. The understanding of composition, colour, and storytelling acquired in photography empowers me to craft visually striking and emotionally resonant digital experiences. This fusion of art and photography not only amplifies my design capabilities but also enables me to tell compelling visual stories in every project I undertake.

Also, a funny teammate

As a designer, my humour attributes add a vibrant and playful energy to the team dynamic. I believe that it helps to enhance creativity and fosters a positive work atmosphere. By infusing a bit of humour into our design process, I aim to create an environment where innovation flourishes, and the team not only excels in its work but also enjoys the collaborative journey.

Written by Esi dor
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