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Research and User Persona Development:

a. Conduct thorough research on the iron waste industry, including sellers, buyers, and intermediaries.

b. Identify common pain points, challenges, and needs of each user group.

c. Create user personas for iron waste sellers, iron waste buyers, and users involved in the selling and buying process.


Empathy and Problem Definition:

a. Develop a deep understanding of the identified user personas, their goals, and frustrations.

b. Identify specific problems and challenges faced by each user group related to selling and buying iron waste.

c. Prioritize the most critical problems to address based on user impact and feasibility.


Ideation and Concept Development:

a. Brainstorm potential solutions and features that address the identified user problems.

b. Encourage cross-functional collaboration and input from stakeholders.

c. Generate multiple design concepts and variations to explore different approaches.


User-Centric Design:

a. Create wireframes, mockups, or prototypes to visualize the proposed design solutions.

b. Conduct user testing and gather feedback on the initial designs.

c. Iterate and refine the designs based on user feedback, ensuring they align with the needs of each user group.


Implementation and Development:

a. Collaborate with developers to translate the finalized designs into functional features.

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