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Design System and Control panel

Company: Get2know/Sydney

Companie's activity: IT & Tech

Role: UX/UI Designer

What's the Anagnorisis?

Smart design generator based on the:

  • Business needs and its end-users

  • Human brain physiology and cognitive science

  • User experience and insightful paterns

How Anagnorosis works?

the platform works as a bridge between scientific research and practical design issues, fostering a user-centric approach that prioritizes both functionality and aesthetics. It addresses the complexities of human cognition and behaviour, providing businesses with valuable resources to create more effective and inclusive digital and physical products.

Abstract Geometric Shapes

Simply enter your business specifications and information to receive your customized business layouts, colours, and any other insightful assets for your digital product.

It is designed specifically based on your needs, resulting in a unique output tailored to meet your requirements.

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