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Control panel UX design

Companie's activity: Get2know

Companie's activity: IT & Tech

Role: UX Designer


The product is an online platform that enables medical centers to deliver their services quickly and intelligently.

Problem to design

To design the platform, the only asset was the forms that businesses wanted to incorporate into the product.

Form samples

image 11.png
image 13.png
image 12.png

Method to design

Group 427323432.png

First categorization

After gaining insights from the project stakeholders regarding the forms, I categorized each one based on its function. This categorization served as the foundation for the product's information architecture.

Group 32.jpg

A part of the first categorization based on the form's subjects & functions


Product Feature list

Incorporating complementary items to create a practical feature list.


User flow

After creating the product feature list, I designed the user flow based on the order and priority of the forms. Prioritizing the sequence of form completion helped ensure the user flow aligned with business needs effectively.

For instance, this flow illustrates the step-by-step process of shift management, including the specific forms that must be completed at each step.

Get2Know Documentation.png

This form also illustrates the new employee onboarding process;

Get2Know Documentation (1).png

Enhancing form efficiency through design

One of the crucial steps was designing raw business forms. Each form was optimized using two design approaches: information architecture and information hierarchy. These approaches help create understandable and intuitive forms.

Raw form sample

Raw form.png

Form wireframe sample

optimized form.png
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