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UI Design for a educational start-up

Start-up: Revlearn

Companie's activity: Educational

Role: UI designer


​The start-up requires:

  1. Designing visual elements that align with the product mission.

  2. Develop a cohesive brand identity through UI design.

The previous design of the homepage

The product's mission is to help high school graduates make informed decisions about their career paths. However, the current product lacks the clarity elements necessary to effectively communicate the business's message.


My Method to UI design

me methode.png

Analyzing the competitors and best practices

After analyzing competitors and best practices, I have designed seven colour palettes as a suggestion. Each pallet was based on a specific identity and colour psychology.


Colour pallet suggestions

RevLearn-Documents-–-FigJam (2).png

Designing the visual elements

Hero section

With an informative hero section, users can fully understand how the startup operates.

hero banner.jpg

The titles

Distinctive designs to attract attention.

What’s inside of the Revlearn.png

Business process

Making the business process more tangible and visual.

How Revlearn works.png

The final UI design

Final Version44.png
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