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Navid Manafi
Business Owner

I’ve worked with Ehsan on Cheory! He is excellent in team management and seeing the big picture with the management team. He always tries to solve the problems by seeing the grand business needs and his suggestions have been very useful. I would say his biggest work-related characteristics are being flexible and having a solution-oriented mind. It’s always fun working with him!


Elnaz Ghezelbash
PMO Manager

Ehsan is one of the most talented product designers I've ever worked with. He is a great problem solver with visual art abilities and I can firmly say that he can all the time suggest you best solutions. He is so flexible and a great team player and eager to pleaseed his clients. Working with him has been a very enjoyable experience and he is the best teammate anyone can dream of. I would definitely recommend Ehsan.


Sarina Sajadi
Frontend Developer

Ehsan is a really talented and very professional UI/UX and product designer. According to his educational and work experiences, I strongly recommend him for every growing team.


Alireza Hamidi
Technical Lead

I worked with Ehsan for a while as front end developer in same team. His personality is so cool and his work is so professional. I like his type of design and accuracy in design. After all i enjoyed my time working with Ehsan, and come to know him as a valuable asset to any team.


Mohsen Baqi
Frontend Developer

I've been working with Ehsan on a project which he played a key role in design of wireframes, user interface and experience. he's highly recommended for his great personality and proficiency!


Hesam Fardad
Product manager

Me and Ehsan create a service marketplace application prototype together . In order to being highly skillful in UI/UX Ehsan is fast , reliable and fun to work with . It was one of my best experience with a designer.


Roozbeh Eslami
Frontend Engineer

I know Ehsan as a hard worker, diligent and talented person who loves his work. He has a great ability to communicate in the team and could be a really good friend to you. Ehsan is one of the best in UI/UX and product design field and I wish him the best in his field.

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