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Changing the Product Architecture

When I joined the developed HR platform, the stakeholders defined every need based on roles. This approach leads to The fundamental issues:

  • Admin defines many roles to handle current needs.

  • Some roles conflicted.

  • The admin could not handle new needs.

"How many roles should I set up?"


To solve the above, I did the following process to optimize the product design:

Analysis of the current platform:

  • Understand the current HR platform and its limitations based on stakeholder interviews, user feedback, and analysis of the existing role-based system.

  • Identify pain points and conflicts between different roles that restrict flexibility and hinder handling new needs.

  • Gathering insights from similar HR platforms or modular systems.

Detecting pain points, insights to the platform; 


Define Goals for redesigning:

  • Clearly define the objectives of the UX redesign, such as improving flexibility, removing restrictions, and enabling the HR super-admin to handle new needs efficiently.


Detecting user Persona and access needed:

  • Create user personas representing different user roles and their specific needs within the HR platform.

  • Consider the perspectives of HR super-admins, regular admins, and other users who interact with the system.

Goals and process of redesigning the platform

Group 8462.png

Information Architecture:

  • Develop a new information architecture that is module-based rather than role-based.

  • Identify the key modules required to provide all the necessary services on the platform.

IA draft based on user needs and features

Group 8463.png

User flow based on the epics and roles


Wireframing and Prototyping:

  • Create wireframes to visualize the new module-based system, focusing on the user flows and interactions.

  • Prototype the wireframes to simulate the user experience and validate the design concept with stakeholders and potential users.

  • Iterate on the wireframes and prototypes based on feedback and usability testing.

Wireframe design based on findings and needs


The benefits of redesigning

  • The platform is now completely flexible.

  • The HR super-admin can handle new needs by developing new modules and assigning them to specific roles.

  • There are no restrictions anymore.
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