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Changing the Product Structure

Company: Jobkar

Companie's activity: Job services

Role: UX designer

When I joined the developed HR platform team, the stakeholders defined every need based on roles. This approach leads to The fundamental issues:

  • Admin defines many roles to handle current needs.

  • Some roles conflicted.

  • The admin could not handle new needs.

How many roles should the HR Specialist set up?


To solve the above, I did the following process:

Analysis of the current platform:

  • Understand the current HR platform and its limitations based on stakeholder interviews, user feedback, and analysis of the existing role-based system.

  • Identify pain points and conflicts between different roles that restrict flexibility and hinder handling new needs.

  • Gathering insights from similar HR platforms or modular systems.

Detecting pain points, insights to the platform; 


Define Goals for redesigning:

  • Clearly define the objectives of the UX redesign, such as improving flexibility, removing restrictions, and enabling the HR super-admin to handle new needs efficiently.


Detecting user Persona and access needed:

  • Create user personas representing different user roles and their specific needs within the HR platform.

  • Consider the perspectives of HR super-admins, regular admins, and other users who interact with the system.

Process of redesigning the platform

Group 8462.png

Information Architecture:

  • Develop a new information architecture that is module-based rather than role-based.

  • Identify the key modules required to provide all the necessary services on the platform.

A part of vast IA draft based on user needs and features

Group 8463.png

User flow based on the epics and roles


Wireframing and Prototyping:

  • Create wireframes to visualize the new module-based system, focusing on the user flows and interactions.

  • Prototype the wireframes to simulate the user experience and validate the design concept with stakeholders and potential users.

  • Iterate on the wireframes and prototypes based on feedback and usability testing.

Wireframe design based on findings and needs


The benefits of redesigning

  • The platform is now completely flexible.

  • The HR super-admin can handle new needs by developing new modules and assigning them to specific roles.

  • There are no restrictions anymore.

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