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Design meets data; smart dashboard

Company: MEGA

Companie's activity: e-commerce

Role: UX/UI designer

Designing a user dashboard that leverages user data, activity and data analysis to provide a personalized and seamless experience to get high-quality services. With this approach, businesses could sell their product and services to the right users and the users could get services based on their data in a custom way.  

The design approach is focused on analyzing data and customizing dashboards based on user activity and product data.

  • Data Sources: User searches, Online purchases, Personal information

  • Data Analysis: Machine learning algorithms for trend analysis, Real-time updates based on user behavior.

Slide 16_9 - 8.png

The website has been translated into English by Google. This is not the final UI and typography.

Group 427322103.png
Group 427322104.png

benefits for the end user:

  • Time-saving through personalized recommendations.

  • Enhanced user satisfaction and engagement.

  • Direct access to relevant content, leading to increased conversions.

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