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Design for a product that was at the end of development!

Company: Pergas

Companie's activity: Beauty

Role: UX designer

Suppose you join a project which is in the final stages of front-end development and your task is designing the product's UI and UX.

An important consideration is: Which approach should I choose to create an optimal product while saving financial resources and development times?

In response to the above concern regarding product design, I followed these steps:

  • Onboarding the product through consecutive meetings with stakeholders and reviewing upstream documents.

  • Identifying the crucial touchpoints of the product.

  • Writing a test document based on the basic touchpoints, user personas, and different ways of accessing the product.

  • Conducting usability testing.

  • Analyzing the test results and identifying the necessary changes in UI and UX.

  • Redesigning the touchpoints.

To conduct the usability test, first the document of goals and how to implement the test was prepared. This document included the following:
Time and place of testing, users and their access, test scenarios, product redesign program after testing


This approach optimized the product's design with minimal changes. It also preserved a significant part of the work developed by the technical team.

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