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Product design strategy and planning

Company: MEGA

Companie's activity: e-commerce

Role: Product designer

I designed a map for producing digital products for an enterprise company based on product design facts and its assets and opportunities.


Problem: the problem that the company stakeholders did not know:
They had ignored their assets and opportunities to have an effective and logical digital product development. 

They have started to design and develop any product that seems possible.


  • It was time and money-consuming;

  • It was not based on human and money resources.

  • It was not based on the end user needs etc.


As a UX designer and based on the product design, I designed a map as an essential backlog named: "The logic of producing digital products"


To achieve this strategic backlog, I started a collaboration with the essential roles in the team; business planers, technical leads, and data engineers.

After research, I present the map as a company backlog from the design side, for designing and developing the right products.

Benefits of this diagram:

  • The possibility of using user data to design and produce user-centred products

  • Designing a super product where different services in the form of the sub-products

  • Considering opportunities outside the company and using them based on the company's abilities in product production

  • End users satisfaction

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