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Redesign based on the user interview

Companie's activity: Financial

Role: UX researcher and designer

I redesigned an application which was to manage daily financial matters.

Issue: Due to the uninstallation of the app and the decreasing number of purchases of memberships, the stakeholders thought that their app should be completely changed and redesigned.


Problem-Solving: After reviewing their app and identifying UI and UX issues, I offered to interview the app users.

The user interview helped the business to get a more accurate understanding of the necessary changes and to save its financial and time resources. 

Business Meeting

After reviewing the product and interviewing the stakeholders, I designed the following task-driven feedback survey; 

  • What aspects of the app do you find most attractive?

  • If you were to sign up for a premium account on this app, what do you anticipate would be the potential outcomes or benefits?

  • Considering various options, how else could you top up or add funds to your digital wallet within the app?

  • Were there any unexpected or surprising findings when exporting the necessary financial reports from the app?

  • Among the tasks of inviting others to the app from your contact list, did you find it easy?

  • What challenges do attempting to cancel a payment with the app?

  • Were there any features or functionalities missing from the app that you initially expected to have?

  • In your opinion, how could this app be improved to better align with your requirements?

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Based on the analysis of users' responses, I wrote the product redesign document, these items are part of it;

Information architecture problems


Issue; It lacks information architecture. All the presented topics should be placed in logical and correct categories so that the flow of access to the required information is easy for the user.


For example; "Rules" and "About Us", "Guide to Using the Application" and "Frequently Asked Questions", should be placed in clear divisions that are easy to retrieve and operate.


This can also be seen in the lack of prioritization of subjects. Also, there is information in the app whose function is unclear to the user, such as: "discount code"


Suggestion; the information should be extracted needed by the client and arranged based on IA methods. Without a detailed information architecture, we will not have an ideal UX.

User Flow problems

Issue; The flow of the users has not been explored and there are serious issues regarding the ease of use of the app.

For example; After registering and logging in to the app, the user can't immediately start the process of making the cash register and must touch the plus button to enter this process. 

Cases like this can also be seen in the building funds, where the user is faced with a new form for completing the building information after creating the fund and expecting to use it.

Suggestion; The user flow should be seriously reviewed and redesigned to minimize the time spent on each task.

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